There are many exciting milestones to reach when you own a business but one of the biggest steps is finding the right space for your business. Your space will become your businesses home, a place where your employees and customers can visit, a place to turn your vision into a reality. Whether it is your first time leasing commercial property or if your company simply needs to relocate, there are several factors to consider before signing a new lease.  We’ve all heard the term, “location, location, location” a dozen times before and although the location is extremely important, it is not the only thing to look at when making a leasing decision. As commercial real estate experts, we pride ourselves on providing useful industry knowledge that we’ve acquired over our many years in business. If you’re looking to find a location for your business here are 7 important things to consider before signing a lease.


Posted by: JMI Property Services on October 18, 2016
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