Personalized, Full-service Brokerage Services

At JMI Property Services we are a full-service Real Estate brokerage guided by an experienced client-driven team with a high standard of service and relationship building.

Although we specialize in commercial real estate, we also service other real estate markets including:

  • Land – Commercial and Residential 
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Multi-Family

We have extensive Southern Utah market expertise and pride ourselves on providing our clients with reliable information about the current market conditions and trends. Our experienced team of agents is available to educate and assist you throughout the entire buying or selling process. 

Selling Real Estate:

jmi buy and sell

The JMI real estate Sales Team’s approach is both innovative and effective, employing our marketing strategies to get your listing in front of the largest number of qualified St. George real estate buyers.

For owners looking to sell their real estate, we combine market experience and property analysis to locate the right buyer for your property. Our team will qualify all potential buyers in order to match your property with the best offer and the fastest closing possible. 

Our network of relationships provides us with excellent connections to potential buyers. Our reputation as a leader in the real estate industry allows us to connect the right buyers with the right property or commercial real estate in the Southern Utah area. 

Buying Real Estate: 

JMI Property Services is sought out by buyers looking for real estate opportunities throughout Washington County. Given the complexity and ever changing needs of the real estate market, professional knowledge and representation are key. It is our experience, coupled with our local market expertise, that allows us to guide you through the purchasing process. The JMI team uses property analysis, market research, and years of hands-on experience, to provide our clients with expert negotiation and representation.

Whether you’re looking to acquire real estate or sell your current real estate, you can count on our team at JMI Property Services to provide you with the best representation and service in the St. George area.